Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Award Rules

If you have arrived at this site because you won the BOTIBOTO Award, congratulations! Your work is obviously inspiring others, and now you are being acknowledged for that work. So that you don't clutter your blog with "the rules", I'm posting them here so that you only need to reference one link rather than a huge paragraph. Here goes.

THE AWARD RULES (4 easy steps)

1) Announce your win* (you can source the image, left of screen)

2) Choose your five winners. Post their blog name, link, and a reason why you chose them, on your blog.

3) Visit each winner's blog with your congratulations note** and ask them to visit your blog to find out why you awarded them.

4) Give each winner instructions to visit the BOTIBOTO blog to forward the award to others.

And that's it! Thank you for sharing the love :-)

PS... you don't have to wait until you win the Award before you can pass it on to others. You have everything you need here to get the gratitude out!


* Your announcement could look something like this:

I have been awarded this BOTIBOTO Award by NAME/LINK. This BOTIBOTO Award originated from the author of "Beautiful On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside" (BOTIBOTO), Anita Revel. It is Anita's dream that all women realise that when they are Beautiful On The Inside they are naturally Beautiful On The Outside. See more about BOTIBOTO here. Here are five bloggers who I think deserve the award also...

** Your congratulations note could look something like this:

Subject: I'm awarding you the BOTIBOTO Award (Beautiful on the Inside, Beautiful on the Outside)

Congratulations beautiful friend! I am awarding you the BOTIBOTO Award (Beautiful On the Inside, Beautiful On the Outside). To find out why I have awarded this to you, please visit MY BLOG/LINK.

I hope you will accept this Award and tell all your global sisters everywhere about it so they too can celebrate their own innate beauty too.

You can also share this award by picking five blogs that you consider deserve this award too. Simply go to botiboto.blogspot.com for details, and to collect your Award.


BunnyKissd said...
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BunnyKissd said...

Do you have to win to pass it on to someone?

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